Thursday, 18 September 2014

MoFo '14 Day 18 - Chip'n Dipped Marshmallow Sundae Bar

A few years ago I heard about a chocolate bar filled with Dandies marshmallows and I just knew I had to try it. I love marshmallows! 

It's made by Chip'n Dipped Cookie Company who I'd never heard of before and unfortunately after searching high and low in New York, Portland, Seattle and San Francisco this highly elusive Marshmallow Sundae bar was nowhere to be found... that was until I hit the jackpot at Rabbit Food Grocery in Austin! I was browsing the online store and making up an order for collection at one of their pop ups when I saw it, I threw two into my basket without a second thought.

I didn't peel open the wrapper until a couple of days ago when a chocolate craving hit and I was surprised by what lay inside. For some reason I was expecting squares you'd break off, no biggie though, instead I snapped off two thirds and Nick and I went to town!

Whilst I was indeed overjoyed every time I bit into delicious squishy marshmallow I was definitely a little disappointed in the quality of the chocolate, it was a little on the crumbly side. Taste wise we weren't unhappy though and we finished off the bar in no time. I will totally eat my way through the next one but it's not making my top 10 favourite ever chocolate bars list!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

MoFo '14 Day 17 - Pizza Me

Both Nick and I had the day off on Monday, we slept in, we made awesome tacos for lunch, we caught up on Neighbours (tell me we're not the only people still watching that?!) but by dinner time we were feeling pretty lazy. A sensible dinner was never going to happen. Given that we were cozied up under a blanket already even going out for dinner seemed like more effort than we were willing to put in and when you're feeling like that there's only one thing to do and that's order pizza! So order pizza we did. It even fitted with my MoFo theme, how could we not?

Usually we order from Pizza Face but this time we decided to branch out. Our options were either La Cucina who do vegan cheese but no mock meats (and there's a £1.50 or £3 up charge for vegan cheese depending on the size of your pizza) or Pizza Me who do both mock meats and vegan cheese and who I've been hearing good things about. When Nick saw that they did an 18" pizza he was sold and I figured what the hell, get the ridiculous pizza your dreams are made of dude!

I even let him remove all of the veg and add extra sausage! This is the No Meat Me Vegan and it's meant to have bacon, ham, onion and rocket. Nick shuns veg on pizza unless we're at Pizza Express and there's no other option and the lovely people at Pizza Me kindly let him do a straight switch for sausages. I was pretty excited by our pizza's largesse! 

The arrangement of the mock meats was a little odd, usually the bacon and ham would be cut up and more evenly sprinkled over the pizza but it that didn't really hinder my enjoyment of it. Maybe this is how people like their meat these days?

The base and crust were solid. Thin with a crispy crust, just how I like it, and in my opinion this is the area where they take the lead over Pizza Face. The cheese to tomato ratio was off though, I think pizza should be super saucy and this was not. There was also a mouthfeel issue with the cheese and I fear that they may be using the Violife slices rather than the shreds which are specifically designed for pizza. The slices are awesome on a burger or in a grilled cheese but they're all wrong here. This was much better cold with a lot of mayo than it was warm, and I say warm not hot because that's how it arrived, warm bordering on cool, bordering on cold by the time I'd finished my first slice. And yes, I'd kept the box shut.

Despite the friendliness of both the staff on the phone and the nice delivery dude I think Pizza Me have a little bit of work to do before I'd considering ordering from them again. For now I'll be sticking with Pizza Face (mainly because I'm in love with their cheesy garlic bread, I wish they'd bring back The Pammy) or giving La Cucina a try.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

MoFo '14 Day 16 - Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bark Thins

Whilst I was in Austin I was trying to do my best at keeping up with reading, as well as writing, VeganMoFo blog posts and I was extra glad I did when I spotted these Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bark Thins on MissMuffcake's blog. I'd have been kicking myself if I hadn't read about them until I was already home and it was too late. The sea salt pretzel / chocolate combo is possibly my favourite ever so I had to go looking for them!

MissMuffcake featured them on her blog on Vegan Target day but alas they were nowhere to be seen in the Target I visited. I did find them somewhere else though, maybe HEB, I honestly can't remember. They were also in Whole Foods but they were super pricy there.

I didn't actually break into the bag until I got home, Austin had plenty of amazing dessert options to keep me occupied, and OMG they're ridiculous.

It's thick dark chocolate that I would guess hovers around the 70% mark and it's chock full of salted pretzel pieces. I'm actually savouring every last piece of this and I've eyeballed the bag into four portions rather than eating it all at once because I'm going to be super sad when it's all gone. This has to be up there with my favourite chocolate ever and next time I'm in the US you can bet I'll be stocking up!

Can you believe we're halfway through VeganMoFo already? What are your favourite blogs, posts etc so far? I'm a little bit in love with Hasta La Vegan's Cooking From Old and Outdated Cookbooks theme. She's eating some truly ridiculous dishes and I can't help laughing every time I see a new post. As a massive Parks & Recreation fan I'm loving Easy Vegan's Carb's and Rec theme, this post really stood out to me and not just because I heart Ben Wyatt! I cannot wait to make the S'mores Cookies I spotted on Vegan Chai's blog yesterday, I was going to make them last night for the tattoo appointment I should have been at right now but the artist's sick so cookies have been put on hold. The (gorgeous illustrated) recipe for the cookies originally came from Amandabear from Will Draw For Cookies who actually designs the Vegan MoFo graphics! I always feel a little guilty when I write about my favourites or do round up posts for the official site because I often want to include everything! Especially from people who've been blogging every day or almost every day, I get what a huge commitment that is and I think you're all awesome.

How do you read and comment on VeganMoFo blogs? That's half of the fun for me and I like to click through the countries list on the Where in the World? page on the official site as well as browsing randomofo and keeping an eye on the #veganmofo and #veganmofo2014 hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. We're definitely having Feedly bundle issues this year just like last year, it just won't import all of the blogs correctly and it's missing quite a few, including mine! We'll be working on fixing that for next year though! I've also been trying to challenge myself to comment on at least 5 blogs a day especially those that don't have a tonne of comments yet, it can be disheartening as a new blogger if it seems like nobodies reading!